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Vintage Artwork creates new things from vintage & antique postcards, prints, comic books, pulp magazines, and advertisements. 

1) Artificial Intelligence Art:
 Are you interested in owning a piece of art created by an artificial intelligence program? I am experimenting with an A.I. program that creates art based off the descriptive text input I give it. Right now, I am mostly printing the images on gallery wrap canvas, but they can go on any of the other objects in my shop, so please feel free to message me with your request. Also, if you would like a unique, one of a kind (no one else would have one) piece of art, please message me.

If you would like to see the results so far, check out this link:vintageartwork.com/search?q=artificial+intelligence

2) Larger desk mats: These new desk mats are huge! They measure 31" × 15.5" (78.7cm × 39.4cm). My other desk mats are smaller at 21.5”x12” (54.6cm x 30.5cm). The large ones cover almost twice the area, at 480.5 sq inches compared to 258 sq inches for the smaller ones.

I intend to make large versions of most of the smaller ones, as time allows, so if you see a smaller one that you like, but the large version isn't listed yet, please message me and I will get it online as soon as possible.

3) Stickers: Coming soon!

I would like to thank everyone who has supported this shop or any other small shop online! We are small businesses in your communities, without the resources of Amazon or Walmart, so thank you! It has meant a lot! I would also like to thank those who have been understanding about the delays in shipping! We live in uncertain times right now and every bit of understanding and patience is appreciated!

Most, but not all, of my shop's items can have a person's name added to the design. Please contact me BEFORE purchasing, so that we can discuss it.

Please read the ENTIRE listing before purchasing. All of the important information about an item should be there and if it is not, please contact me with any questions BEFORE purchasing.

Please be prepared for the occasional delay. Fulfillment times and shipping times can occasionally take longer than usual. Thank you for your patience!

I design all of the items in my shop, using my own art, public domain art and/or licensed art, but I am not a printer, so, I partner with about a dozen different small print shops that print and ship each of my items, as they are ordered by my customers.

The companies that I work with usually carry enough stock, but sometimes they run out. Some of my items, like t-shirts can be printed by several of the companies that I work with, so there might be a only small delay while I transfer the order, but some items are only printed by a specific company and they may take a lot longer, if they run out of stock. I will let you know, as soon as I know, and you will have the option of the cancelling the order.

If you see a design in my shop that is not printed on the type of item that you want, please let me know. Most of my designs can be put on most of the item types in my shop. Also, I don't have examples of every type of item that my printers can print on, so please feel free to ask about items that aren't listed.

Sorry, but I don't have the time to do complex custom work, anymore.

Some items, for various reasons, may be permanently discontinued, so if you like something, buy it sooner rather than later, because it may not be around forever.
Free U.S. shipping on all items! Some items have free world-wide shipping!

All items in this shop are printed in and ship from, North America, Europe or Australia.

I don't have sales anymore. I price my items fairly, based on my costs and my time.

I am fascinated by our collective stories, whether called history, religion, superstition, mythology, movies, art, music, etc. I try to reflect that in the items sold in my shop.


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