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Vintage Artwork creates new things from vintage & antique postcards, prints, comic books, pulp magazines, and advertisements. 

Please be prepared for delays. Fulfillment times are currently longer than usual and may continue to increase until Covid-19 is controlled. Thank you for your patience.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported this store or any other small store online! We are all small businesses in your communities, without the resources of Amazon or Walmart, so thank you, it has meant a lot! I would also like to thank those who have been understanding about the delays in shipping! We live in uncertain times right now and every bit of understanding and patience is appreciated! 

I am fascinated by our collective stories, whether called history, fiction, religion, superstition, mythology, movies, art or music. I try to reflect that in the items sold in my shop.

I don't have sales anymore. I prefer to randomly send out discount coupons to repeat customers. 

                                                   CORONAVIRUS UPDATE

I design all of the items in my shop and I work with about a dozen different small businesses that print and ship each item, as it is ordered by the customer. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, some of the printers have temporarily closed and others will no doubt close in the future, as each of their situations warrant. 

Some of my items, like t-shirts can be printed by several different companies that I work with, so there might be a small delay while I transfer the order, which is normally automated by software, to a company that is still open. 

Other items, like jewelry, are only printed by a specific company and when that company closes, those items are no longer available and they will be removed from my shop as soon as I am informed about the closure. Most of those items will return when the printer reopens, but some of those removed items, for various reasons, may be permanently discontinued, so if you like something, buy it sooner rather than later, because it may not be around for long.

FREE U.S. shipping on all items! Some items have FREE world-wide shipping! Shipping delays will probably occur due to the coronavirus pandemic. Please understand, that like many businesses that are still open, the companies that print and ship my products are mostly running on skeleton crews and could lose more employees, at any time, due to the coronavirus. Also, supply chains are stretched to the breaking point right now, so unfortunately everything is just taking longer than normal.

Mail flights from the US to Europe, which used to be several times per day, have now been reduced to twice per week, which increases shipping times, from the US, by more than a week. I am printing versions of some of my more popular shirts in the UK, intended for my European customers. They are shipped via the Royal Mail and even though the Royal Mail is also reporting delays, hopefully the delays won't be as long as if they were shipped from the US.

All items in this shop are printed in North America and Europe.

Vintage Artwork masks on Teepublic:  teepublic.com/user/vintageartwork/masks
Over 400 standard masks with ear loops. Funny, sarcastic, inspirational, dogs, cats, alcohol, anti-social, political, etc.

Vintage Artwork masks on Redbubble:  redbubble.com/people/vintage-artwork/shop?artistUserName=vintage-artwork&asc=u&iaCode=u-maskOver 50 standard masks with ear loops. Funny, sarcastic, inspirational, dogs, cats, alcohol, anti-social, political, etc.

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